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Wide Open

Nobody ever said
Growing up was going to be easy
But will you please admit
That you see what I see?
A society built on apathy and
The unrealistic dichotomy of money rules
And health care prophesies.
The white picket fence is on fire
And unless you call 911’s bluff,
This whole neighborhood is going up in smoke.
Because our children are killing each other on TV
And that’s not ok with me.
Are you selectively blind to the fact that
those hours spent in front of flickering screens
Are shaving away at their humanity?
Making death less of a reality and more
Of a hobby.
When did we give up our rights to
Speak freely?
What you’re working for is not yours,
Never was.
Unless you stand up out of this
Pool of discontent
And tell the teachers to teach the truth and understand
How we’re wasting our troops.
Help the homeless and downtrodden on our streets.
Make this a place to plant the seeds
Of a new life.
One not ruled by the 9 to 5 grind.
But of valued time.
Of hearts held wide open with healing in mind.
I’m all for our right to bear arms
But these bare arms were meant to rise up and shake a
Fist at this ludicrous life that we’re trying to live.
I’m not just living to die,
I’m dying to live.
But how far you get is dependent on the time that you give.
So give me your time.
Give your children your time.
And maybe they’ll grow up outside of this fantasy.
Lets live eyes and arms wide open.

Malorie Spreen