The Kent International Festival

“The Kent International Festival is one of the four committees of the Kent Sister Cities Association. Our Festival is a celebration of the cultural diversity represented in the Kent community and South King County. With more than 130 languages spoken in the Kent School District, our area is a top choice for new immigrants. In response to this growing diversity, our planning committee of volunteers along with local organizations and businesses share an interest in celebrating our community's heritage. The Festival showcases the region’s ethnic dance, musical performances, spectacular native attire, cultural booths and delicious authentic cuisine. Our festival is held on one day every year on the first Saturday after Memorial Day weekend.”

The 10th Annual Kent International Festival was held on June 2, 2018 at the “accesso Show Ware Center” in Kent.  There were three stages on which the performers performed.  It shows how many people participate.  There were signs on every street corner inviting the community.  There were lot of traditions and food booths that served delicious food. 

“India USA Magazine” Editor, Sarab Singh sang Christian Hymn, Hindu Bhajan and Sikh Hymn to “Connect Communities”.  Everyone in the audience participated.

Sikhs also participated in the event.  You could see lot of people pridely trying the Sikh turban.  Audience was enthralled by watching the Sikh Martial Arts-Gatka. 

If we have to be recognized and bridge our differences Sikhs need to participate in such festivities around the country.  I will like to congratulate the organizers.  With so much enthusiasm, I wish this event could be repeated more often. The next event is on June 1, 2019.  We look forward to the event. 

Please make sure to watch all the slides. They are close to 70.

Pabla Design booth  at the Kent International Festival
Pabla Design "Style with Elegance" at the Kent International Festival