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baba Sarab Singh Wadhwa Best Matchmaker
Baba Sarab S. Wadhwa enjoying at the resort near Seattle

America, USA, Amrika, Canada or Kaneda, call it whatever.  These are the most beautiful advanced countries.  I feel sorry for those who cross the borders illegally and then are stuck in the USA or any other foreign country.  Don’t risk your life and try to give money to the agents.  Come through legal process.

If you have set your eyes to come to the USA then you should find legal ways to come.    It is called Matrimonial, fiance, dating, stars, love and marriage.  This is your lottery that has a higher chance of winning.  Your life can change forever… Marriage is one way.  Thinking of business in USA?  Marriage is the best way.  Find a girl or a boy whose father owns a store or a gas station.  This is the best business.  I think I can find the perfect match for you. Indians are beautiful. So how do you meet? Try inserting a matrimonial ad? You never know where you meet your love. Marriage is one of the best ways to come to USA.  No law, at least at this time can stop anyone to choose a spouse from a different country. 

One day you could be walking as a poor man. In the next 21 hours (that is how much time it takes to fly from India to USA) you could be enjoying the Royal Life of USA.  USA is a beautiful country.  Lot of Indians have settled here.  It has beautiful landscapes, beautiful Gurudwaras, and Mandirs.  And if you  have taste, you can buy anything here.  Sharab, Daru or Vailaiti Whisky.  Every thing is pure.  That is how my life changed.  I want to change your life too. 

baba Sarab Singh Wadhwa Best Matchmaker
Baba Sarab S. Wadhwa at a Ski Resort near Seattle

I want to help you.  Jawani will not stay with you forever.  You are a Gabru Jawan or sexy girl.  You can be a Dulha Raja or Dulhan Rani.  You can fulfill your dreams.  Cindrella is real.  No fairy is coming.  But you can be your own fairy and change your destiny.  Draw a foreign line in your palm.  Forget about Kundalini or Greh Nakshater.  Beauty is smiling at you.  We want all the Pundit Jis and match makers to join us.  Even if Kundalini don’t match; who cares.  Things like Badam (almonds), or sogi, or kaju you can’t dream of in India are readily available.  Mobile phones, nice huge houses, or Bungalows… Nice parties.  Electricity and water does not get cut ever.  Hot water flows through the taps always. Beautiful buildings…

What are you thinking of ? World’s richest people live here.  Mr. Bill Gates, Mr Jeff Bezos, big companies are waiting for you.  You can find your love in just $10.  Your love is waiting.  Uncle Trump who is “Mai Baap” of this country; President and Prime Minister and King - all in one is making very strict laws.  You should not wait.  Your life is not going to wait for you.  You don’t need experience.  You don’t need money.  Your fabulously rich father-in-law will fulfill all your dreams.  You only have to be a Honhaar.  Print  your ad in every newspaper and magazine.

baba Sarab Singh Wadhwa Best Matchmaker
Baba Sarab S. Wadhwa at the historic Boeing Airplace Co. in Seattle

Why do I want to help you?  I am a 56 year old man.  I have enjoyed US life for many years.  I came here when I was 27.  I have not been back to India since.  One of my home is occupied by our relatives and the other shop and apartment is snatched by the renter who does not pay us rent nor vacates the property.  Laws are wonderful in USA.  You can work as much as you want.  Dollars grow on trees !  Every Dollar reads:  “In God We Trust”.  Seem like God is great and trust this country too.  There is no smog nor pollution.  Water is sistine pure.  Nature is abundant.  It is Heaven on earth.   I want to pass the goodness to you.   Nice boys and girls are waiting for you.  But your Jawani will not stay with you for ever.  Time is passing very fast.  Don’t waste your time.  Let your stars align and your planets attract.  I am here to fulfill your dream of a beautiful life. 

Haven’t you heard “Marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on earth”?  Compatible ?  What is being compatible mean?  Some highly educated girls have married boys who are barely high school.  Some highly rich boys have married girls for “eye candy.”  Never know what is in your destiny. 

You think your relatives will help you?  Sure, use them to find you a girl or a boy.  If they tell you they are marrying their daughter or son to someone other than you; go ahead and criticize them.  If you hear the voice on phone say the voice of the boy is like that of a girl, or something else.  You or your relative would have been a perfect match. 

I am your relative here.  It is cheapest to advertise with us. Why?  Because I want to give forward to the community.  Contact me fast.  I am missing my own relatives too.  I have been remembering them all lately.  This is your golden opportunity.  Trust me. 

baba Sarab Singh Wadhwa Best Matchmaker
Baba Sarab S. Wadhwa at the Seattle icon Space Needle in Seattle

You don’t know how handsome you are.  He/she is your ticket to come and settle in USA.  This is how I came.  That is how lot of others came. No one will tell you their secret.  Once you are here you can bring all your family.  Good opportunity is waiting for you.  Don’t let it go away.  Good opportunity is not going to stay always. Good opportunity is “missed opportunity” if not availed…  Do not look at the past.  Some may be divorced or separated.  Look for the present.  Look for your future together.  Dream… dreams do come true.  It came true for me.  It will come true for you.  All I ask is when you find good match, write to me an article about your enjoying life…


Good opportunity is knocking at your door.  Please share this article.  He/she will thank you !

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