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Connecting East Indian Community on Facebook in Seattle Area

Links to the East Indian community “Facebook” in Seattle Area

We all love “Facebook” and other social medias.  While it has its drawbacks, I must confess I myself have become hooked to it.  I don’t check it often but maybe every 2–3 days.  I love seeing the pictures of my home town (my birth place).  I have not been back for half my life, but I recognize almost every part of it though it has changed a lot.  India is booming and there has been spurt in the population.  The bare mountains are now concrete.  I am sure the amenities that weren’t there when I was a child are now readily available.  I also love seeing my old classmates and schoolmates.  And, as I am learning web development I can marvel at the advancement on “Facebook.”  It takes me hours of coding to put out a page and yet it is not as perfect as “Facebook.”  And making web pages is much cheaper these days than what it was before “Facebook.”  I am also offering a blog full page for as little as $30 per year.

Technology is very fragile.  Every good thing is delicate and can be misued.  Let us all keep its beauty and make it grow by connecting.

Ah! I started to collect the data and ended up writing this long article.  Just because I love writing.  Not that my pictures or my posting has been liked or shared.  But I am going to request you to share this one if you live in Seattle area. If you will like to include any please message me or email me.

Here’s the data:  I am listing some of the pages on “Facebook” that connect East Indian Community in Seattle and surrounding areas.  The links will connect you to the facebook pages. The list is in no particular order.  If you have a page or have liked a page and will like to include it please message me or email me.  I have liked lot of them.  This list is not to promote any of the pages.  I must confess I am not affiliated or manage any of the pages except the first one: “Single Indian Group.”