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Since 2005 we have been publishing “India-USA Magazine” Connecting Communities from Seattle area. Our readership is the adult, professional group of people from Indian origin. However, due to literary contents, including English Poetry we are achieving our goal of connecting communities. This is distributed free. We distribute it at the Indian business outlets and other community gathering areas. This magazine is available through King County Library System, WA State Library, Whatcom County Library, Georgia Library, and others.

With your contributions and support “India USA Magazine” is now also available on the web.  You have made the difference. As I look back I see lot of poems and articles that you have sent for the magazine and now are being published on the web. In the early 1980’s my poems were first published in a book “The Beads.” In 1985 my second book “The Veil” was published. For a very long time I did not publish anything. And then when God allowed me to print this magazine in 2005 (almost 20 years later) and I saw my poem published it was a great feeling of joy. I had almost thought that my poems will never be published again.

I want to encourage other writers. This is why I have done the magazine and now also on the web. We have already published close to 100 poems on the web. I am again trying to connect with those poets. I still have lot more to publish. Most of them are typed but they have to be coded for the web. Please note that the website is programmed in such a way that the poems will be shuffled every few weeks. Those in the back will have an opportunity to come to the front of the que.

It is not about us. It is about you. It is you who make the difference. It is your inspirations that has brought the magazine to where it stands today and now on the web also.

Few months back we had problems with our plate maker which finally died. We replaced it. Our printing press is also very old. We can’t afford the full color but I am looking for a decent “twin tower”. If anyone want to contribute, please let me know. As I keep on getting the experience, I realize how important it is to publish the magazine. Anyone looking for work can insert their ad for free in “Help Available.” They can pay us after they get work. Our ad rates are fairly reasonable. I will dedicate all my life to it. And even if I die, I want all my money to go to bring out the magazine, to encourage poetry and literature.

Please visit us on our website. Please use social media to share our web articles and poems so that we can reach more community. Thank you for contributing to the Magazine. Thank you for the support I have received through the years. If there is any suggestions or feedback please feel free to contact me.

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