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We decided to pack up the car for Mardi Gras,
dance about, jump and catch beads
so colorful, yet they fall from the sky like ashes,
floating and sailing through the sunlight of Thibodaux.
It was fun way to spend a Sunday –
cooking out, chatting, and catching up with family.

It’s more wonderful to share a parade with family
than to go it alone during the festivities of Mardi Gras.
We didn’t wait for Fat Tuesday but chose the Sunday
before Mardi Gras to collect colorful beads
in the bright clear day of beautiful Thibodaux,
where magic sails through the air like ashes.

Beads of red, blue, green, and gold – prettier than ashes –
came from above as music played and we laughed with family.
The children all had fun in Thibodaux
as we celebrated early the parades of Mardi Gras.
Bags, buckets, and mountain of beads
we all accumulated like treasure on Sunday.

My trunk filled with colorful beads on Sunday;
it looked like a treasure chest —all jewels and no ashes
As we mounded them up, the pretty beads
of pink, yellow, purple, and with so much family,
we danced away the day to celebrate Mardi Gras
in the welcoming town of Thibodaux

I would like to venture back for Mardi Gras in Thibodaux;
it was a perfect way to enjoy that Sunday
we went to welcome the festivities of Mardi Gras.
Wednesday’s the day for ashes,
but a Sunday is a perfect day to see family
and to catch some splendid, vibrant beads.

Sometimes these gorgeous, colorful beads
come easily down into the hands of those in Thibodaux,
but sometimes they are like weapons, family
members shielding smaller children on a Sunday.
We could wait until Wednesday to face the ashes,
but instead of Tuesday, it was Sunday we enjoyed Mardi Gras.

The fun–filled early Mardi Gras allowed us to be with family,
to catch beautiful beads and enjoy the blue sky Sunday.
Wednesday’s ashes seemed to be far from our time in Thibodaux.

Maura Gage Cavell