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I have been super busy lately working on more commercial work that needed priority. So much of my work has a theatrical quality to it. I worked in theater for so long that it still sticks with me. I guess it is just a part of my nature. I love the idea of tapping into the emotional resonance of an image. One of the things that most people first learn when working with me on images is how quickly I connect to others.

I feel fortunate enough that I was able to live and grow up in the height of an era that went from a state of lost bewilderment to acceptance of a complete social consciousness filled with pride struggled through an epidemic that empowered us and somehow managed to survive it.

It is the story of a remarkable journey that will be lost if we as that generation that went through it does not share our experience. Our world is not changing at lightening speed. And that change is reflected through our social media. I remember seeing a movie called Making Love in the theaters the first week I meet and fell in love with my first partner, which was not very optimistic for choosing that sort of lifestyle back then. In fact I was so disturbed by it back then that I left my new boyfriend and walked home alone cursing myself and sobbing for having chosen a lifestyle that felt to incredibly alive but now know would end in complete and utter unhappiness.

But on the sexual end felt so completely right. Jump to 30 years later and now there are hundreds of great films that tell our stories from so many different sides, many of them reflecting a healthy and honest perspective of what we have become.

I am lucky, I have felt love, I still follow my passions and am excited by something new everyday that shows me a new and captivating side of myself.

This is my exploration and what I have to share. I have reached that stage of the project where I need to make that leap, technically the site is there, now I just need to realize and explore my vision. It has taken a couple weeks longer to clean up than I anticipated. I spent this week working with the gallery component developer adjusting and figuring out all the issues with the galleries and how they would look and function across all platforms. This was the last major issue to work out.

The site is now visually linkable and fully functional.

Recently I have been looking at all the people I have shot over the years and, considering this is Montana, it seems quite remarkable to have so many! I had a new guy in the studio I was shooting this week. It was so fun to get back to shooting this sort of stuff. When I began shooting naked men they became more of a study to help me develop lighting techniques for my regular photographic portraits.

I have a great studio and lots of variations on lighting filtration equipment. I have collected just about every type of light filter size and shape available to focus light from a broad softness to a pinpoint direct spot. The naked male is the easiest subject, because it is all skin tone and in portrait photography is it all about lighting the skin in beautiful ways.

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It also allows me to focus on compositional elements. The next step is the photographic process is to figure out the personality of the subject and match the lighting technique to get to the core or essence of who they are. Some people are soft, some are hard, some are sculptural, some not. Next I factor in my relationship to the subject.

What feelings does this subject evoke within me. Are they alluring, raw, do they connect to me or are they evasive. What part of my own life intercepts with theirs, do they bring out a remembrance or connection to a time in my own past or sensual development?

We all have memories of times we connected with someone on a very sensual level that lingers in our thoughts that we would like to relive.

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Photographically these become great ideas for exploration. When you begin to put all these elements together this is where photography really become fun. I often become obsessive about things. I will get stuck on an idea or a person and research all I can to learn as much as I can about that subject.

About a month or so ago my buddy Austin mentioned he was going to see a filmed production of A Streetcar Named Desire that was being broadcast at a local movie theater. I happened to have the night off, which is a rare occasion for me, and we went.

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It was mind blowing good, tapping the raw sexual underbelly of the script that is often softened to make it more digestible for the average audience.

I suddenly was in a spiral obsession of everything Tennessee Williams. Let me preface this by saying some 30 years earlier when I was a budding theater-directing student I turned my then obsession with Tennessee Williams into my graduation thesis project.

I have been a fan and avid Williams -o- phile for most of my adult life. This is the one man in my life I truly wished I could have met. Unfortunately he choked to death on a pill bottle lid and died before my obsession began. The new book reveals there was little separation from Williams and his work. His works become a product of his own neurosis.

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No wonder his works evokes such strong emotions within me. Then as now his work inspired me to become my own sort of artist and seek to express the truths within myself. So to become an artist, did it mean we had to become deranged self-loathing alcoholics who are essentially social outcasts? It can take a lot of courage to look within ourselves and show others what we feel. To bare our souls and put forth for others to either connect with or judge.

Most of my life I have faced hardship, censorship, much of it self imposed, fear, doubt, and anxiety. But I have always tried to look at it objectively and figure out how it has shaped my own humanity. In a sense I think my greatest gain has been compassion for others, those less fortunate.

I see the positive things in others and have the ability to reflect them back showing them the more positive cts of themselves.

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I deeply connect to this, come up with how my own life experiences and create a reflection. He had gone on a date with someone and next thing he remembers was waking up in a hospital after being found in an alley stripped and severely beaten. He was having difficulty dealing with it emotionally and needed desperately to come to terms with the incident. I also had a similar incident happen to me when I lived in DC when I was also very young and strongly connected to what he was going through.

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We talked about it for hours and finally agreed that we needed to turn this into some powerful visual representation. I staged and lit the studio and we worked on what would become an emotional photo shoot and a very powerful series of images for both of us.

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