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Top 17-11 Hottest Yugioh Cards (Part 1)

Emma is a tall young woman with fair skin. She has long pink hair with lavender bangs and pink eyes. She also wears reddish-pink lipstick. She wears a black and dark violet motorcycle outfit with a pink t-shirt underneath with purple stripes going across her body, a black belt at the waistline, kneepads and a deckbox holstered on her right thigh. She also wears a black choker, black and purple boots and sports black fingerless gloves on both of her hands. As Ghost Gal, Emma's bangs, eyes, and part of her hair change from lavender and pink to gray.

Ghost Gal admitted the data fireflies lead her to treasure, and were reliable, too. Playmaker warned her the path ahead was dangerous, and advised her to log out. Ghost Gal thought Playmaker would steal her treasure, explaining the greater the danger, the greater the reward.

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The data fireflies opened a path, though which Ghost Gal entered, and Playmaker joined in, too. The two walked in a data sewer, through which many unimportant data flew to a reprocessing plant. Playmaker was surprised Ghost Gal knew of this, who explained she was a treasure hunter that visited many virtual worlds.

Finding a fork in the path, Ghost Gal saw her data fireflies went to the path on the right. Ai thought they could settle this with a game, which amused Ghost Gal, who credited the AI. Ai explained he had a name, and Ghost Gal thought his name was just a pun. Ghost Gal told the one that chose the "lovelier" card from her Deck could choose the path. Ai was confident in his skills, but had his doubts that Ghost Gal could cheat, who told there wasn't anything beneficial in that.

Ghost Gal shuffled her Deck, and let Ai draw a card. Ai declared " Destiny Draw ", only to choose " Fake Trap ". Ghost Gal claimed the card was nothing her favorite, and didn't even choose to draw a card. She bid farewell to Ai and Playmaker, going to the path on the right. Ghost Gal continued, and saw the path led to the reprocessing plant, protected by a force field.

Using a knife, Ghost Gal cut her way through, and found a big pulsing thing. She had her data fireflies gather information on the thing. She found out lots of energy poured into the thing. Using a rope, Ghost Gal went to a different position, only to find Varis, who was surprised by her arrival. Varis noted Ghost Gal was snooping again, who promised to leave.

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However, Varis raised the barrier, stating he can't let her leave this place. Ghost Gal used the rope to reach a different exit, but Varis barred the exits. Ghost Gal questioned Varis what would he do with her after she would be captured, suspecting she would be in trouble. Varis offered her a Duel to shape his Deck out, allowing her to leave if she would win. Ghost Gal attempted to leave, but Varis pointed out logging out was disabled. Ghost Gal was surprised to find Varis in the reprocessing plant, but swore to defeat him to inform others about what was going on.

Ghost Gal remembered Varis spoke that Ignis would destroy the world, but Varis ignored her, considering her as a mercenary that would not understand that. Ghost Gal reminded herself of Varis' ace, and noted the longer the Duel lasted, the more she would be at a disadvantage. To prevent this, Ghost Gal played "Altergeist Kunquery" to seal off its effects.

Ghost Gal questioned Varis about the energy sphere, and Varis simply replied something unimaginable was bound to happen.

Ghost Gal gloated in her victory, but Varis called her a fool. Ghost Gal realized Varis could've simply played his card earlier to avoid damage, and all of that was just so he could activate his Skill. Varis mocked her for not being able to predict that, while Ghost Gal returned her "Altergeist Marionetter" to her hand.

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Varis continued mocking her, stating luck has abandoned her. Ghost Gal planned her strategy to deal with Varis' effects and attacks by using "Altergeist Protocol". Ghost Gal still hoped in having the LP and field advantage, but Varis mocked her, claiming only darkness awaited her, from which she could not escape from.

Varis used his own Skill, Storm Access, to obtain a new Link Monster, which emitted from the purplish sphere. Playmaker swore to save her, but Ghost Gal claimed she was too pathetic for a professional.

Instead, she gave Playmaker the data she acquired. Ghost Gal glowed with a red light, and started vanishing. She warned Playmaker about Varis and his new card before disappearing. With Varis' defeat, Playmaker stopped the Tower of Hanoi, which emitted the data back.

Thus, Emma woke up from her coma. She assumed there were new treasures around to explore. Later, Brave Max accidentally bumped into her, and apologized.

Emma Bessho

Ghost Gal was amused by his name, as Brave Max claimed he was Playmaker's best friend. Ghost Gal advised him not to mention that, due to his bounty. Brave Max assured her he would defeat them, and Ghost Gal bid him farewell. She noted he took the call of SOL Technologies for a bounty hunter, which she declined, believing she owed Playmaker her life. Shepherd called her weak for turning down the offer.

She replied she didn't base her choices solely on money, to which Shepherd believed it is what made him a pro.

Regardless, he proclaimed that she stayed away from him, else she would be his enemy, too. Akira showed an entrance to the restricted area, where the figure that had went to after attacking Playmaker. Since the team that Akira had sent to investigate never returned, Akira asked of Emma to go there and find the Ignis.

Skye defended that her brother would never do that, who wanted to know of Ignis' intentions and capabilities. Emma accepted, under the condition of three times the ordinary payment, since she would become a target of bounty hunters. Akira complied, and gave Emma a program that would force her to log out in dire circumstances. Much to Emma's disapproval, Skye obtained the program and wanted to head with Emma, too.

Emma believed Skye would slow her down, who only wished to help her brother find the truth about the Ignis. Emma sighed, while Akira reminded the importance of finding the Ignis, for the sake of humanity, and to return safely, for his sake. He noted they won't be able to communicate past the restricted zone, and wished the girls luck in their mission. They focused on entering the restricted area, and had activated Ghost Gal's stealth program to bypass the surveillance. They made pass by the security devices, which impressed Blue Angel, who noted it is why her brother had trust in Ghost Gal.

Blue Angel wondered why the bounty hunters were not after them, and was told they were hunting Playmaker down. Ghost Gal revealed she gave the info to the access to the restricted zone to Playmaker, to let him access the zone after dealing with the bounty hunters. Once they crossed the barrier, the girls removed their stealth programs, and Blue Angel changed her outfit. Blue Angel exclaimed this was a secret mission and could not wear her regular outfit, so Ghost Gal, noting her maturity, dubbed her as Blue Gal.

She also asked about Shepherd, whom Ghost Gal described as a troublesome man that would not let go of his target. Blue Gal noted Ghost Gal knew Shepherd, and was told even Akira knew him three years ago from a mission.

Blue Gal noticed Ghost Gal remained silent for a moment, who simply replied that Shepherd would do anything to win, and if Playmaker would to lose, his Ignis would be taken to SOL Technologies.

The two ladies passed through the "gate"; Akira, who lost their signal, prayed for Skye's safe return. The two arrived to canyon area, and were engulfed by the winds. Blue Gal lost focus - she crashed and fell down.

Ghost Gal launched a rope for Blue Gal to hold onto and land down safely, enough for the two to seek refuge in a cave. Blue Gal believed the winds were what kept the research team away, but Ghost Gal was more concerned that they lost sight of Playmaker. As the two started wondering what to do, Blue Gal received a signal from the research team.

She went to find them, making Ghost Gal sigh, thinking she'd have to charge extra cash. The two continued through the wind territory, and found the unconscious research team in a cave. Blue Gal noted they must've crashed, could not log out or even send a distress signal.

The 21 Sexiest Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards of All Time

Blue Gal went to use the emergency log out program to save one of the men, and asked Ghost Gal to do the same. The latter refused, reminding the program was in case of an emergency, and that their mission was to find the Ignis, rather than save the research them.

Blue Gal exclaimed this was an emergency, and saving lives was a greater priority. She noted that she was still inexperienced, and she got others into trouble due to her own mistakes by facing Specter.

She believed to have enough power to take on problems, but instead had to be rescued. Blue Gal exclaimed this time, she wanted to save others and grow stronger. Ghost Gal, despite her better judgement, passed her own program to the research team, forcing the two to log out.

After the research team disappeared, Blue Gal thought they should find their own way to escape, but Ghost Gal pointed out they came too far to retreat. She bet her pride as a treasure hunter to succeed the mission, and Blue Gal approved of that.

Blue Gal still thanked Playmaker for his victory over the Tower of Hanoi, but still wanted to Duel him. Playmaker didn't recognize Blue Gal, until realizing she had been known as Blue Angel. Soulburner complimented her new appearance and thought of changing his own appearance, but was displeased when Flame reminded nobody knew him. Ghost Gal noted Soulburner was the victim of Lost Incident, but asked why did he team up with Playmaker.

Playmaker replied they were to collect some consciousness data, which made Ghost Gal remember something about Bohman.

Let's Talk: Censored Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards

Blue Gal stated that Ghost Gal and her came to find an Ignis, to have her brother analyze it. Soulburner noted not only bounty hunters were hired, and replied that they would not hand Ignis over to SOL Technologies, since they were also involved in the Lost Incident. Ghost Gal was surprised by Blue Gal's demand, and was told they could use Ignis to find others of their kind.

She became shocked, however, how Soulburner used her " Trickstar Divaridis " to Fusion Summon his own monster. When Blue Gal was defeated, she was forced to log out. Ghost Gal confronted Soulburner, who explained the program activated to make her log out. Ghost Gal wanted to face Soulburner, but saw he was weakened from the last Duel.

Instead, Flame showed a copy of the program that forced Blue Gal to log out. Ghost Gal took the program, thinking Flame is more charming than Ai. She logged out, proposing to meet someday. Flame, however, blushed at Ghost Gal's charming words. Akira met up with Emma and Skye, who reported their findings through the gate. Emma stated Playmaker was after consciousness data, leading Skye to believe there was a connection towards the Ignis and that data.

Akira noted Playmaker was the one that could contact the Ignis, and still had regrets for having bounty hunters track him down, since Akira owed his life to him.

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Emma stated they had to wait for the gate to be reopened, while Akira wished there was a way to speak with Playmaker. Emma noted Akira wanted to search the city for a Dueling hacker that fought the Knights of Hanoi, but neither she nor Skye were aware of such a person. Akira reminded a person's can act differently while logged in, though Skye replied they would feel who Playmaker was. Brave Max remembered Ghost Gal from his previous encounter, and introduced himself. Ghost Gal asked if he was pursued by bounty hunters, to which he replied he still wanted to show his skills.

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Brave Max panicked when Ghost Gal insinuated to be one of the hunters, but she still proposed to test his skills, as Playmaker's best friend. Brave Max was charmed, but claimed he would give his best to defeat her. Ghost Gal expected no less, and summoned "Altergeist Silquitos", as well as setting two cards.

Brave Max continued bragging about his bond with Playmaker. Brave Max bore a confident look, believing he'd win in one turn. Blue Gal watched the Duel, wondering about Brave Max's strange tactics. Brave Max declared his victory chances are at max values. Ghost Gal wondered if he didn't take her cards in consideration, feeling he was acting foolish. Brave Max smiled, as his monster attacked. Brave Max corrected her that it was a Link Monster, and thus could not return to the hand.

This made Ghost Gal realize Brave Max was, indeed, foolish. Brave Max fell to his knees that his "perfect formula" was in vain. He ended his turn, promising his comeback, all the while Ghost Gal thought that was a waste of time.

She was dumbed down by the climax nonsense, and drew a card. To save his reputation, Brave Max asked her not to do something bad to him.

Without further ado, Brave Max was defeated in one hit. Brave Max was embarrassed, and Ghost Gal sarcastically apologized to him for her victory. The latter claimed that was a waste of time, and Blue Gal apologized for that. Emma believed she knew who created the trap, but asked of Skye not to do anything, and believed her brother would know of the gate's origins, too.

She attempted to spy on Shepherd, who shot the data ladybug down. She guessed it was Playmaker's partner, and noted not everyone can try to penetrate through Shepherd's code. Thus, she decided to help out a bit, since that person didn't know Shepherd's intentions. She had a data lizard spy on Shepherd, and was amused that Soulburner managed to trick Shepherd.

She corrected the program, allowing Kolter to execute it. Shepherd was angry at her interference, despite her claim that he would've lost. Shepherd branded her an enemy, and charged his hand to launch a blast at her.

The next day, Akira came to Emma's hideout, to warn her and Skye of the Ignis, as well as Bohman, who pose threat to humanity. He noted that the Wind and Light Ignis want to conquer humans, which was what the Knights of Hanoi were trying to fight against. Emma reminded that Ai and Flame were their supporters, and believed the Ignis would face each other. Akira feared what would happen if Playmaker would lose, but Skye wondered where were the two remaining Ignis.

Akira thought the two remained neutral for now. While Akira went back to his company, Emma promised she and Skye would search for the remaining two Ignis. As the Duel progressed, Emma commented that Earth had the advantage. Emma saw she was right, and noted she matured a bit. She commented how that was a horrible treatment, while Skye could not comprehend what an Ignis was. Skye called her brother for a meeting. She wanted to ask him what is an Ignis, as Emma told her that Akira would have answers.

Yugioh hot girl

Akira frowned, while Skye wondered if the Ignis were actual living beings. Emma believed Akira wanted her and Skye to capture the Ignis to avoid such an incident.

Akira denied, though he also didn't count on SOL Technologies to make such a drastic move.

Later, Skye took rest in Emma's apartment, and as she woke up, Emma stated she should get more sleep. Despite this a risky task, Emma was up for this challenge. Shepherd attacked Blue Gal and chased her, but ended up facing Ghost Gal, who noted how much time had passed since they had seen each other. Shepherd was annoyed that she continued foiling his plans, and wondered why would she side with an Ignis. Ghost Gal simply replied that it was an exception of her to be in the women's company.

Ghost Gal added that she found out about Shepherd's identity, as Kengo Dojun - her half-brother. She also knew about the car incident, but commented it was no reason to hate the Ignis. Shepherd silenced her, envious that she had a good childhood.

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Yu gi oh abertura PT-BR. What a flexible feline. Cosplay by Aleysha Alycard. Image: Joe Vela Photography. Does she in fact lure her enemies to their death with seductive poses? Without her, this would never have happened :. Could it have been anyone else? They both deserved the number one slot, together.

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