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It's apparent there are some misconceptions about nudism and what all it entails, especially when it comes to families. I was raised in a nudist household. My parents were almost always nude at home, as were my siblings. We had other families of nudists over to our home. Its hard for someone who hasn't experienced what that is like to understand, so here are some answers to questions that frequently come my way:. We wore clothes outside of the house except when at nude friendly locations- nude resorts, the family farm well off the beaten path, and the odd trip to nude beaches.

I ran my tongue up and down inside of her pussy lips a couple of times and then got up on top of her again. She then asked me to put it in her which I did. She felt very tight and good; I could feel her vagina adjusting to my cock as she began to move her hips up and down.

We soon found a rhythm and from that moment on, things got better and better. Before long, it felt like she was having another small orgasm and the expression on her face changed from one of expectation to a smile. She was done and wanted me to stop. I got off and laid down beside her for a few minutes, then I began to finger her just inside of her pussy lips.

She felt swollen and was pretty touchy there, so I again began to run my tongue around her pussy lips and up into her clit. She began to open up her legs and allow me more access to her. I had decided that whatever happened, all I was interested in doing was to make it very good for her as this was only her second time.

Soon, she was really getting into the oral stimulation and wanted me to get back on top of her. I suggested that she get on top which she did. When my cock started going into her that way, she lit up and soon was getting serious about what she was doing. I got my hands to where I could play with her butt and began to rub her there; that really got her excited and then I felt her begin to orgasm.

She had a strong orgasm, there was no guessing about that one and she loved it.

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So did I. I was able to bring her to orgasm three times during that session and after that, it was routine. I always had to stop for a little while and work with her after she had an orgasm; she could never keep going through it. Sis had a little trouble with it as she really missed our times together, but she had her steady boyfriend to keep her company. Once in a while she and I would find a way to get together for a little while and enjoy each other but we were very carful about that.

Roberta and I usually slept in my room, but sometimes we would stay at her parents home and use her room. Her bed was pretty bad, it moved around and squeaked a lot, and was very uncomfortable. Even though there was no doubt that her parents could hear us making love, they never let on or said anything about it. We finished our third year of HS and spent the summer together. We went back to school that fall and finished our Senior year and were married that next June.

Two years later, Sis and David were married. Sis still claims that she went to her wedding bed as a virgin and Dave never did deny it so she did better in that department than I did.

We all four enjoyed good marriages and a good measure of success in our lives. Roberta and I had 3 children and Sis and Dave had 2 children all of whom have enjoyed good lives and have good homes and children that are doing well. Roberta and I celebrated 40 years of marriage and were looking forward to retirement.

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We had taken a few weeks off from our jobs to do a little traveling. We had a good time and had returned home a few days before we were to return to our jobs.

On this particular morning, we slept in and enjoyed making love without having to worry about the time. Sex was good! She had truly been the, Help Meet, that the Bible speaks about and she had been a picture of the righteous woman in Proverbs We got up, showered, dressed and enjoyed breakfast together before she left to go to her office to take care of a few things that needed her attention.

About an hour after she left, I received a call informing me that she had passed out while sitting at her desk and was being taken to the hospital by ambulance. A few minutes later a doctor came out and told me that I could go in but that she was not conscious and and was not doing good. When I stepped into the room, the doctor attending her told me that she was dead; she had suffered a massive heart attack and probably never knew what hit her. She was 58 years old and we had spent 42 of them together.

They had been beautiful years with a beautiful woman that I loved with all of my heart. Life is hard after the loss of a mate in any ciruumstance, and it was very hard in this one as Roberta had been everything to me from the time we first met, and life without her was almost unbearable. There was no such thing as a desire to eat or way to sleep. It was impossible to work or to play as everything I did reminded me of her. Often, I would get the old Buick which we had as kids, out of storage and drive it to the old barn which I still own, and park it there and sit there all night hoping that somehow I might hear her voice or feel her touch.

Sometimes in my dreams, I would. About 18 months later, I went to bed one night, sleeping fitfully in our old bed, the bed we had slept in most of our married life. Sometime in the very early morning, I awoke to a kiss and felt the warm body of a woman next to me. I was rather startled as several women that I knew, some from our church and another from my business along with a couple of aquantences had let it be known to me in one way or another that they were available if I was interested.

One of these ladies, a lady from our church, invited me to her home for dinner several times; she had always been courteous enough to have another couple there at the same time. She had been widowed at a rather young age.

At first, I wondered if it was one of them trying to play a game with me. I soon realized that the warm body belonged to my sister, and that she had turned over and cuddled up in my arms just like she used to do when we were kids before Roberta came along. I said nothing, I just held her tight in my arms and for the first time in months, slept well. I awoke well after sun up which was unusual for me, an early riser all of my life, to the smell of bacon frying and coffee perking.

I got up and went into the kitchen and found Sis fixing the first meal that I had had any interest in eating since eating breakfast with Roberta for the last time. As we sat there eating breakfast, I asked Sis why she had driven all that way without telling me that she was coming. She had discussed it with Dave, and had his permission to come and visit me for a few days so she planned to arrive in the evening, but it took her several hours longer than she had planned due to some car problem she had.

When she arrived, she tried the door and found it unlocked and came in the house. She saw that I was sleeping, so she decided to get in bed with me to see how I would respond to her being there. After she left, things seemed a lot better and I was able to function at a reasonable level.

I again got involved with my business and with a few of my old friends and life seemed to be somewhat interesting again. Linda, the lady from our church continued to invite me to some of her activities and at times, I would ask her out to dinner or some other activity.

We never got real serious about each other, just friends that enjoyed doing things together. A little over a year later, about two years and six months after Roberta died, I received a call that Dave had been involved in a serious car accident while on his way to work.

He had been hit head on by a truck that pulled out to pass a car stalled on the road. From our home to hers is about miles and takes at least 3.

I had only driven a few miles when I received a call from her pastor informing me that Dave had passed away. I arrived at her home about in the afternoon, there were several cars parked there. When I entered her home, she met me at the door with tears running down her cheeks and several women trying to comfort and help her.

She wanted to talk to me alone so we slipped into her bedroom where we could shut the door and visit. As we talked, she shared with me how much she hurt and how confused she was. She fell into my arms and cried for a while, then went in the bathroom and washed her face and readied herself to again greet those who were wanting to call on her and offer support.

Evening came and finally the people that were there left and no one else came, so we locked the front door and turned off the porch light. We sat at her table for a while drinking tea and visiting. She told me that she was very tired so I suggested that she should go on to bed and see if she could get a little sleep.

I got up and went with her into her bedroom where she undressed and got in bed. I had planned on letting her cuddle up in my arms and holding her so she would be comforted and be able to get a little sleep but she turned toward me and began to kiss me passionately. Even though we kissed each other often and always on the lips, sometimes lingering a while, we had not done this kind of kissing since Roberta and I had got together some forty five years ago.

I could feel her body begin to shake and I knew she was having an orgasm. It lasted much longer than I remembered them lasting with her. She was completely naked which was the way she always liked to go to bed and she felt so warm and soft as she pressed herself against me. She turned on her back and I slid between her legs and began to rub her pussy with my cock like we had done when we were kids.

I could feel her hips and butt begin to move up and down as she tried to rub against my cock and then she began to orgasm again. When that orgasm was finished, she relaxed for a moment and then said that now there was no reason for me not to really make love her. I began to slowly push my cock into her, watching her expression and feeling her movements. I could hardly believe that after all of these years, this was happening. Shortly, I was completely inside of her and it felt like it was a perfect fit.

She began to hunch me as I began to work it in and out; we soon found the perfect rhythm and began to really enjoy each other.

We awoke early in the morning, showered and started to get dressed, but ended up making love again. This time it lasted a lot longer and was terrific. That called for another shower before we dressed and began to meet the day, her friends and her children as they arrived at the airport.

All grown upnude

For the next week, we continually had a house full of company so we had to be on our best behaviour. Everything was coming to the end; friends and relatives except for her children had all gone home and the kids were both going to fly out the next afternoon.

That morning we got all of their things loaded in the car and took a small bag of things we might need and drove to Kansas City from where they were planning on flying home.

We got well outside of KC and found a motel where we checked in as Mr. When we walked through that motel door and closed it, we closed the world out behind it, it was as if all of those years between the time that we married our mates and that moment disappeared. We could hardly wait to get undressed and into bed where we enjoyed sex in a way we had both only dreamed about before.

For the first time in our lives, there were no fears to deal with, no reason to fear getting caught, no fear of a baby being squirted into her that would begin to grow. No fear of hurting her in some unknown way. There was no feeling of guilt, it was a time when everything except making love was completely out of our minds. She again began to kiss me like she had the night I arrived at her home, like she was starving for my kisess. She was on top of me and it was all consuming, she wanted more and more of what she was getting.

I entered her body, or actually, she forced me into her by grabbing my cock and pulling me into her as she sat down on me and almost immediately she began to orgasm.

She kept working, trying to get more and having almost continual orgasms until I could not hold it back any more and had to let my cum flow into her. That seemed to satisfy her, she laid down on top of me still kissing me and searching the depth of my mouth with her tongue. I sucked her tongue and rubbed her back for a while and I could feel her beginning to relax. She finally rolled off of me and snuggled up to me and went to sleep.

I dosed off also. We woke up an hour or so later and it was beginning to get dark. We decided shower and get something to eat. She got up and went into the bathroom to shower. The bed was wet where we had been laying so I pulled the sheets off of the bed, hoping that they would dry some while we were gone. I threw the dry part of one of the sheets over the chair next to the bed and sat down to wait on Sis.

Shortly, she came out of the bathroom, showered and towled down. As she came through the door into the light of the bedroom, I marveled at her beauty. Her figure is almost perfect. Five feet and four inches tall, one hundred and twenty pounds. Her blond hair, shoulder length and as beautiful as it had been when she was a young girl just starting in town school.

Her skin, smooth and soft, her breasts well formed and firm, Her stomach, almost flat. Her pubic hair, blond and thick. Her legs still slender and well shaped, no vericose veins. As she turned around, her butt showed very little cellulite and was quite solid.

She looked much better than most 40 year olds and she was 61 years old. All I could think about was to make love to her again, I pulled her down on my lap and reached around her and began massaging those beautiful breasts.

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She pulled free and turned round facing me and began to rub her breast against my mouth; I eagerly took the nipple and some of the breast in my mouth and began to suck it. We ended up laying on the bed with her kneeling over me, hanging her breast down to where I could suck it like she had liked to do when she as a young girl on the farm.

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She would say that she was the cow feeding her calf. As I sucked it, she turned and got straddle of me and again sat down on my now hard cock. This time we were more in the mood to slow down and enjoy each other. We played and teased each other and changed positions several times; we even tried the position the bull had used many years ago with the heifer that got us started down this road.

We laughed as we reminded ourselves that the heifer had given birth to a calf about nine months later and jokingly wondered if we were going to produce a calf or a baby by doing it that way. Again, we laughed about our ignorance back in those childhood days.

Jan 10,   Growing up naked. And when I do say here "growing up naked" then I do mean exactly that. I never thought anything odd about going naked all the time for most of the year - nearly - until I was about five old when gohja folks made remarks about the fact that us kids was naked but even then I.

Examining cum is still interesting though as there is nothing else like it. One of the things we did when we were in High School was put some of it under a microscope our parents had given us as a Christmas present. It was good enough that we could see the sperm moving around in the cum.

That was fascinating. Sometimes we would joke with each other about which one of those sperm could have been a baby had it got inside of her, we even talked about whether it would be a boy or girl and what we would like to name it. We then showered together and got dressed to go to dinner; I called room service and asked to have the bed remade while we were gone. We found a little restaurant and enjoyed a light meal and went back to the motel. We sat and visited for a while then we decided to call it a night and go to bed.

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We undressed and got between the clean sheets and kissed good night. She turned over and cuddled up in my arms as usual, then she turned back and wanted another kiss. Before long, we were making love again, but this time it was slow and easy.

She was on top, rocking back and forth gently.

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Her warmth and tightness felt very good and I was very relaxed. I began to think about the first time she made me cum and all of the times we had made love in one way or another since then. I wondered how many times we had made love; I was sure that it would have been in the high hundreds or maybe even a thousand or more times. I thought about Roberta and what a great lover she had been.

In forty two years, we must have made love many thousands of times as we often did it two or three times in a day. I thought about Dave and wondered what knd of lover he had been for Sis as she had never talked about their love making.

I reached up and took her breast in my hand and began to massage her nipple as her breast bounced back and forth with her movements. As I did this, I felt her tighten up and begin to orgasm. I looked at her face and saw a smile come on it. She looked so contented and happy, kind of like a kid with a new toy.

We took our time and enjoyed our love making until I finally came.

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Then we again cuddled up with her in my arms and back against my chest and went to sleep. The next morning we awoke early and showered before making love for the fourth time in the motel room. We finally got in the car and began the journey to her home. We had driven a while when she laid her head in my lap and took my hand and pushed it under her skirt.

With her, it was all or nothing once it went beyond a kiss. She loved to make love, but she never cared for a lot of fore play. If we were driving down the road and I began to play with her sexually, we almost always ended up finding a back road and making love.

Sometimes in the car seat, sometimes on a blanket on the ground, sometimes with her laying on the car hood and even on a picnic table. And yes, there were several times when we got caught, but nothing serious, just embarrassing. In a few minutes I found out that Sis still could orgasm as quickly and even stronger than she did when she was a girl. I asked her if Dave ever did that to her when they were driving and she surprised me by telling me that he never liked to touch her pussy with his hands nor would he suck her breasts or even fondle them to amount to anything.

If he did finger her, he would get up immediately afterward and wash his hands.

It's apparent there are some misconceptions about nudism and what all it entails, especially when it comes to families. I was raised in a nudist household. My parents were almost always nude at home, as were my siblings. We had other families of nudists over to our home. Its hard for someone who. Dec 28,   All of this time Sis and I had been standing in the doorway of the barn just a few feet from them, watching them. I had seen cattle breed before, but had never been that close or paid much attention to it. Sis had never seen it happen before and had no idea as to what was going on. Description: 20 Nov The story of Hey Arnold! characters in their 20s is much darker. "I liked the idea of a more mature 'Hey Arnold' spin-off that focused on Helga," Durr told Mashable. "So I thought it would be fun to try and expand on Craig Bartlett's original idea in hey arnold grown up.

She told me that he was always very proper and only wanted to make love with him on top and that it never took him very long to cum and when he did, he was done for a few days. She said that she had trained herself to orgasm very quickly or she might not have one or would have to get herself to orgasm after he went to sleep. She said that often she would go into the bathroom and get herself off after he got done, but if he found that she was doing that, it would make him angry.

That answered a lot of questions that had been building up in my mind as I kept wondering why she was wanting sex so much. She must have had several dozen orgasms along the way. We had to stop at a rest area so she could go to the bathroom and wash up as she was soaked from all of her lubrication. We got back to her home that evening and spent a few weeks taking care of her business and making love. I tried to make up for some of what she had missed out on through all of those years.

She seemed to never get tired of it, and was always ready for more. And I would have no problem hugging another man. Unwanted erections aren't very common.

If someone gets an erection they'll usually take steps to hide it- lay on their stomach, cover up with a blanket or towel, go in the water, etc. That didn't really happen.

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Nudity was normalized, so it didn't lead to arousal. I also think bing nude all the time you're a little better at controlling unwanted arousal. If it happened, it wasn't anything traumatic or important enough for me to remember it.

any case

That's great! If you want to know more details feel free to PM me. I've got some insight at least. Ladyslipper you are beautiful Since you are even considering this, I would suggest that you are at least sympathetic to the idea.

I would suggest going ahead, if you like the housemates, and giving it a go. There are lots of advantages. Generally you will get closer friends because the lifestyle shows you as being open and honest with your housemates.

apologise, but, opinion

They will, in all probability, accept you as you are much more readily than in a clothed household, where you may be judged as you appear. Just do not forget your towel to sit on in the common rooms, and if you are invited in to someone else's. I don't think there's an age that's too young, other than being potty trained of course. I like naked women too. Very much so. Just get your head around the fact that a naked woman is not, as such, offering you a sexual encounter!

It is really easy. Its hard for someone who hasn't experienced what that is like to understand, so here are some answers to questions that frequently come my way: Frequently Asked Questions: Were you always naked? Did you want to be naked everywhere? Was nudity required?

How has it affected you? Will you raise your family the same way? Did your parents take photos? Did you go to a nude summer camp? Did classmates in school know about it? Weren't you distracted by all the nude girls? Weren't you disgusted by all the nude boys? Didn't you ever want privacy? You turned out fine, but is that normal? A five year study concluded the following: The viewing of the unclothed human body, far from being destructive to the psyche, seems to be either benign or to actually provide benefits.

Share Facebook. Add Opinion. SomeGuy37 Yoda. I kind of knew most of that, but it is nice to actually read it from someone living it. This is absolutely spot on. As a fellow naturist, this is a take that says it all, as it really is, warts an' all! Show All Show Less. I cannot think of anything. You have covered everything I can think of.

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Sign Up Now! Related myTakes. Show All. The Strategy Game. Why I am moving to Canada!

Growing Up In A Nudist Household

Proximity sensitivity? Sort Girls First Guys First.

agree with

Great info. If nudists are so used to seeing each other naked thus not taking it as anything 'sexual', was it tough to get erections during sexual activity? Stepmother woke up from the stepson's big dick. Family therapy Step son gets into mom's room while she's asleep. Mom, please don't sleep, let me warm you up! Step mom fucked and jizzed while sleeping. I fuck my mom Nikki Brooks. Vintage Milf fucking young son. Sleeping Fucking My Mom. Fucking Your Unaware Mother.

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