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OUR FIRST TIME.. (And How it Went Wrong)

This is a story about my first time with a women. I was 18 at the time and had been jacking off for quite a while by then at least years one day my grandmother was doing the laundry and out of the blue said I wish you do you boy stuff in the bathroom and not get it on the sheets all the time. I didn't say anything just turned beet red. From then on I was careful not to get any cum on the sheets if possible sometimes id wake up from a dream and have cum though and id try to wipe the sheets but it was IM possible to get the cum out. I was a normal 16 year old id never had any pussy and it was all I thought about id fantasize about every girl and women I thought was sexy which was probably all of them at that age.

He was my good friend and I trusted him, so even though we didn't talk about it beforehand, it felt right and okay and was even pretty exciting. I was obsessed with the fact that I was a virgin, sizing up my classmates, puzzling over whether any of them were virgins, too. One of my high school crushes invited me to hang out one weekend, and according to my experienced roommate, it was apparent that he wanted to have sex. We used protection.

He was considerate and gentle and quite kind. The experience as a whole was very positive. I didn't have sex again for another two and a half years. I was ready and glad to no longer be a virgin, but I was not ready for the risk and responsibility of being sexually active.

I have no regrets - either about how I lost my virginity or how long it took me to have sex again, because both were a reflection of me being good and ready. We decided to do it after about three months of dating, when I knew for sure I was ready.

We used a condom. Honestly, I didn't feel different after than I did before. Maybe just a little more mature. If you really think you're ready, and you and your partner protect yourselves, it can be a really cool thing.

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I decided that I wanted to wait until college to lose it, but when I finally got to college, I didn't really meet anyone that I wanted to have sex with, especially not for my first time. I ultimately decided to lose it to a guy that I really, really liked but wasn't in a relationship with.

I was just so ready to 'get it over with,' and this guy was and still is a great guy. My one regret in the entire experience is that I didn't tell him that I was a virgin. To this day he doesn't know! I was so scared that I was going to freak him out, but really, a lot of awkwardness could have been avoided if I'd just been honest. I was 17 and I just wanted to get it over with. I asked one of the people that knew me best at the time, my sort-of boyfriend, if he would take my virginity, and he agreed.

We used condoms. At first, we couldn't find the hole, but eventually, we did. Afterwards, I didn't feel much different. He was two years older than me and not a virgin, and he had been trying to persuade me for a couple months beforehand. When we finally did have sex, it was when I was ready. I was glad that I didn't give in until I was really ready. It was painful and slightly awkward.

I had this weird feeling of elation once it was over, though, because I had always wondered what it would be like, and it had finally happened. I've never had any real regrets about the person I experienced it with or how it went down. Although I will say it would have been better in a bed and not in the passenger seat of a Honda Civic There wasn't one specific moment when it happened. It was more of a progression from one stage to the next rather than 'here's the moment I lost my virginity' because we're both girls.

I was excited and nervous and happy about the whole thing. We were both virgins and just wanted to get it over with.

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It wasn't pleasurable or even fun, and throughout the entire process all I could think about was, when will this be over? Moral of the story - wait until you're really ready. It was during my freshman year of college with an upperclassman frat bro. We'd been talking for months and I was convinced he liked me, though looking back on it now, his texts of 'What are you doing tonight?

At all. What stung the most was what happened after. He didn't text me at all and when I saw him at a party the next weekend he completely avoided me. If I walked into a room and we made eye contact he would immediately turn and walk out. It felt like a huge slap in the face.

I liked him, but he had finally gotten what he wanted and that was it. He was over me. I wanted nothing more than to go up to him and yell and ask him why he was being so mean to me when I had done nothing wrong, but every weekend he would completely avoid me or be talking with another girl when I walked by.

I knew I wanted to sleep with him. I thought about it for about a week to be sure, but I knew I was ready. I brought it up first, but quickly added that if he didn't want to yet, we could wait.

He immediately said he wanted to, but asked about five times if I was sure I was ready, making sure I knew that he wouldn't care if I changed my mind. He made me feel safe, he made me happy, and that made me even more sure than before that I wanted to sleep with him. It was with a guy friend that I spent a lot of time with and did physical things with, but we weren't technically in a relationship.

However, we were really good friends and I felt comfortable with him. Sex had been in the back of my mind for a while. I asked him about one month in advance if he wanted to do it with me, and he said yes. He had never had sex before, either. We used a condom, which he more than willingly agreed to do. Before we did it, I felt extremely nervous, but a good kind of nervous - it was something I really wanted to do, I just didn't want to mess it up. Afterward, I honestly felt closer to him emotionally and physically, and I could tell he did too.

Our relationship ended up becoming more serious and eventually we started dating for real. The guy I lost it to was my first love. When we finally tried to have sex, it hurt unusually badly.

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We kept trying the whole night, but it just wasn't happening. I eventually found out I had cysts on my ovaries.

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We broke up about five months later. Afterwards, I thought I had wasted that special moment on someone who didn't deserve it.

But now, I'm grateful because that experience probably saved my life. We are on good terms now, so I'm glad to say it wasn't a mistake. It happened during a Netflix and chill situation and things were escalating pretty quickly.

Your first fuck

The guy I had been talking to didn't know I was a virgin, and I didn't tell him because I was afraid it would scare him off. Losing my virginity was quick and for the most part painless. It was no worse than period cramps. Once I got home, I felt guilty because it wasn't how I imagined losing my virginityand not something you get back.

I cried for a little bit and then decided there wasn't anything more I could do about it. I couldn't change what had already happened. All in all it wasn't terrible, and I'm not sure I would change it. I had wanted to wait until we had reached the six-month mark of our relationship, but it was about four and a half months into our relationship.

It was on my bed in my dorm on a Sunday which I remember because his dad is a pastor! I have loved it ever since. I still only play when a lady is in the mix. Though like right now I do love to ride a toy. Would love to find a couple or a lady into this kind of play. Location Arizona. My first time getting fucked by a guy I was 65 years old and it was a truly wonderful experience.

It felt absolutely fantastic as the guys cock slid in and out of my hot and horny hole. He was rather long and large and it hurt a little at first but I had fucked my hole with a big dildo I had bought online, but the real thing was trulu great. I have been getting fucked ever since then and enjoy it every time. Location Illinois - Chicago Area. I enjoyed my first time.

It was when I was in college, 22 yo, with a grad student. We had fooled around a few times before, but didn't go beyond oral. So this time we had anal, and I was the bottom. He was patient with me and went in slowly. I had a little bit of pain at first but then relaxed and enjoyed it. I ended up cumming while he was fucking me in the missionary position.

Location Alabama. My first time being on the receiving end of anal sex took place when I was 13 or It was very painful, but mainly because we were both drunk and had no idea what we were doing.

The second time was much better and there was no pain. Long story short, me and my friend got together often after that and took turns fucking each other.

I also ended up doing the same thing with another of my friends at the time, and also a couple of times with a friend who lived in another state. I had these experiences many years before ever having sex with a girl, but those experiences didn't diminish my desire for women at all. I've always loved anal sex, both giving and receiving, but haven't been on the receiving end of it for well over 30 years. I'm 54 now and have been married to the same woman for most of my adult life.

Location Massachusetts. First time was on business trip. Got talking to another guy at the hotel bar, went to leave to go for a swim in the pool, he joined me. Afterwards he invited me up to his room for a drink. Went to his room got out of the wet suit wrapped towel around myself, he came out of the bathroom totally naked, he asked if I minded, he was nicely hung.

He told me if I wanted I could drop my towel, which I did, I immediately got a hard on, we played around, then got into He started licking my hole, horned me out, then he fingered me, then he asked if he could fuck me, I told him I never had been fucked. He went slow and let me get adjusted to his cock and he kept pushing till he was fully inside.

He rode me good. We did for the next two nights of my trip. Location California - LA Basin. Gosh, a nicely told story, thank you, it makes me wonder about doing it. I once was asked by a friend to kneel over him in bed, which I did to stroke our cocks together. But then I instinctively rose up a bit and felt his cock fall down below me, and when I went down a bit I discovered his cock along my crack-so I pressed down and then rubbed my crack along his cock, what a pleasure that gave-I ejaculated on his chest big time.

Originally Posted by ErosUrge. Location Oregon.

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My teenage suck buddy tried several times to fuck me, but we were just inexperienced kids with no lube and it didn't work. Lost my hetero virginity at 21 to an older woman. Married at 24 and had monogamous hetero sex for several years, producing two sons. At 30, I had sex with another guy whose cum was the first I ever swallowed.

He wanted to fuck me, but a job transfer took me away before that happened. Over the years, I experimented with fingers and dildos and found that I liked the feel of having my ass filled and that nothing beats the feeling of cumming while being penetrated. I had several hetero affairs between ages 30 and 58 when I met Dick. At first, Dick professed to not be interested in anal sex.

But, the third time we got together he moved from sucking my cock to licking my balls and then getting my legs up he went down on my asshole as if it were a pussy.

Oh, how I loved the feeling of his tongue licking and probing followed by his fingers. He had lube and a condom handy and was soon fucking me. No pain, just pressure as the head of his cock passed my sphincter then the wonderful feeling of being fucked Over the years he has fucked me numerous times and I have been fucked by one other guy. I have fucked Dick once and have also fucked two other guys.

I can be a top, but so much prefer the bottom. Both men that I have received anal from have relatively small dicks so having a big cock plowing my ass is on my bucket list. My favorite fantasy is being in a 69 while being fucked. My 69 partner could be female because I love eating pussy too. Location Colorado. First and only was when I was maybe He was older, and it really wasn't my idea at the time.

Yesterday I met a friend and we were playing around. Ended up trying to get penetrated.

43 Girls Get Real About Their First Time Having Sex

Wasn't gonna happen. Evidently I am quite tight. I might try again, someday. Location Iowa. I was 28 and visiting my sister in the desert SW. I had a teenage gay friend and decided to act on my urges of more than 12 years. I went to an adult book store. Hooked up quick after he slipped a note under my door and enjoyed having a nice eight or nine inch cock in my mouth. He then gave me a wonderful blowjob. The next thing I know is that I am begging for him to take my cherry ass.

He went and bought some lube.

When You Have Sex For The First Time - Otis And Lily - Sex Education - Netflix India

I put another condom on him have to be safe and sucked him hard again. I then got on a bench and positioned myself. He grabbed my hips and was not gentle, thrusting it in to the hilt in one thrust.

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It hurt so bad I had to pull away from him. I then asked him to take it slow with my virgin ass. Martin, wow was he good, slow entered my ass and took his time. His hands were on my hips and I felt very feminine and gay; a cock in a man's ass should make you feel gay and I am a cross dresser.

Martin then fucked me long and hard for about twenty minutes and I learned to push back and meet his powerful thrusts. It was a wonderful experience. If it was not for disease, I would let others fuck me more often. This was my first of only two bottom encounters in my life. I noticed people were kinda trying to look in the stall and god help me i didnt care I wanted them to come in.

The last time was two weeks ago in a adult book store it was so hot. I did have fun there was a hole but i was with someone in a room was hoping a cock would appear from the whole but it didnt happen.

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Sometimes I feel kinda like a girl when i do this does anyone else feel this way. Location Other Asia. I was 15 and he was 40 something. It wasn't the nices experience but i remember it damn well.

Back in the 70s and early 80s we have very little knowledge about anal sex. I was a girly boy and wanted to be a girl myself, i wasn't interested in girls back then. It wasn't until i was about 24 when i had my 1st sex with a female and things started to changed for me. Location North Carolina. The first time was today. My wife died six years ago and I never wanted to be close to any one again.

I dated women a little but they were so demanding. I did not feel manly to them. I started going on porn sites. One night I ended up on a gay porn site. I was mis-directed by my search engine. I look at gay porn all night. I was married for 28 years before my wife died. I have never before today been with a man. I am white and had always heard that a black man's cock was huge. I never believed it. I advertised on a bi-male dating site. Today a really nice 40 year old man responded to my ad.

He came to my house this morning. This is all true I swear. He was a muscular black male. I am but an average middle aged while male. I live alone. He was so kind. He took off his clothes and I did the same. I panicked when I saw his cock. It was over 10 inches long and thick. I told him no way. I was a virgin. He was not all the way hard. He gently pull me to my bed. He held me. I know he was there for my ass and would not take no. He held me in bed as said we didn't have to do any thing.

Then he ask me if I wanted to just hold his penis.

Jul 07,   My first time with a guy I was about 15 with a much older guy. He was amazing it started off with a little oral arousle for both of us then we moved on though he was a very gentle man and took it nice and slow it hurt a little bit at first (course I hadn't been loosening myself up before hand either) but anyway after he put it in he gave me a few minutes to relax and it still hurt just a. Nov 25,   So, to give you a better idea about what your first time may be like, we talked to 43 girls about the first time they had sex - how they knew they were ready, who they did it with, and how they. Dec 28,   I was 14 at the time and was very adventurous. i had had my first kiss the previous summer by a guy 4 years older than me and had sucked a guy's dick w/ 2 other girls. my brother had introduced me to porn and masturbating and i had never imagined what was going to happen.

He could tell I was fixated on it. My eyes never left this beautiful sight. Before I knew it I was kissing the thing I feared the most. After I began to suck it in earnest, without gagging it was down my throat. He fucked my face until he came down my throat. Nice, thick. Half way through he lifted me up spun me around and plunged it full bore into me. I sat on the curb, in front of the Glory Hole Bar and it took me two hours to recover from the ass-ault.

Didn't hurt. Felt great. He went nice and slow, very passionate. He's got a small dick so that maybe helped. The first guy that fucked me was so small that I really didn't feel anything, and I thought, oh well that was ok.

The next guy however really showed me that it just isn't my thing. First guy was this hot black guy I met at the gym. I was 17, he was probably Had a huge cock. We went to some motel and he asked me what I wanted. I was shy and young and just sort of hemmed and hawed. Then he said, "you tell me what you want, boy" in this nasty growl.

I said for him to fuck me. I was It was my older brother before he went off to college. He was really gentle with me. We fucked all of that summer. He ended marrying three times, lives in Texas now with some girl. We don't really talk much. Met up with him at an adult book store. It was awful and hurt like hell. The first time I got fucked was my first sexual experience of any kind. I got picked up by a hot guy at the campus fraternity bar when I was We were both clueless, as he didn't have much more experience than I did.

We didn't have any lube, nor did I even know what lube was. So after I went down on him, he just used my spit and his precum to shove himself into me.

Hurt like hell but got better after a minute. I didn't even jack off - just let him fuck away. He came after a bit. I never got off, and it hurt, but it was still And over 25 years later, I still do.

His cock wasn't huge, wasn't small - about 6 u. He was a good top and let me run that part.

Oct 26,   I was 12 when I had my first sexual encounter with a friend of my brothers. He was only a couple of years older than me and it was fairly tame. The first time I had sex with a woman, I was 16 years old. The first time I had sex with a guy, he was. Watch My First Fuck porn videos for free, here on Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX movies and clips. No other sex tube is more popular and features more My First Fuck scenes than Pornhub! Browse through our impressive selection of porn videos in HD quality on any device you own. Mar 17,   What Sex Feels Like For A Woman For The First Time, According To 8 Women says that the reason there are so many myths around what sex .

Wasn't hard to figure out after an equal size toy I'd be open enough for him but tight enough for us both to enjoy it. The toys were pressure, not real pain, unless you're hypersensitive to that kind of thing. He was a great kisser, tasted great, smoked pot and was funny as hell.

He had to leave school for the pot use - real loss.

how was your first time getting fucked by a guy?

Went home from a bar with a guy. I later discovered he was a total bottom, but it was my first time with a guy so he rose to the occasion. He wasn't very big, so it didn't hurt as much as it could have. And he didn't pump- he just went in and stayed there for a while til he came into the condom. Kind of a letdown for both of us? I bled a little.

The weekend before finals when I was 17 and a senior. He was a year old hot Italian guy. Took his time, was gentle and slow to begin with and eventually picked up speed. It was amazing. We started at 11 in the morning, had sex all day, went to the kitchen and made some dinner, then back in the sack for more fucking till 11 that night.

Until I met this one guy. Cute guy, small frame, mixed Mexican and European. And one of the biggest cocks I've ever seen. He figured out how to make me WANT to get fucked. We took turns btw, he'd fuck me, I'd fuck him.

It was fun. I lost my cherry to my best friend when I was We flip-flopped and did each other. It wasn't painful, but we missed the "clean your ass" instructions.

We didn't use condoms and it was a real mess. Luckily we were able to shower after. Wow, some of you guys are really fragile.

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I took to getting fucked like a fish to water. I was 15 my first time and walked around with a hole full of cum all summer. I had been communicating by phone with an older guy probably late 50s who ran a Gay Information phone line out of his home. We arranged for me to come to his house in DC.

He knew that I wanted to lose my cherry and was more than ready to oblige my urge. When I entered the home, he started rubbing my crotch through my pants. I asked to use the bathroom, and when I came out I was wearing just a jockstrap.

He asked if I wanted to go upstairs to his bedroom and I climed the stairs in front of him and wiggled my bare ass seductively. Upon entering his bedroom we both got completely naked and I laid down on my back on the bed. Knowing I had a virgin hole he went right for it with his tongue. I brought my knees up to my chest as he expertly rimmed me. After a short while, I was ready to suck my first cock. We 69ed for a bit, and then I lubed up and impaled myself slowly on his 7 hard inches cowgirl-style bareback.

I rode him for a bit that way, and then I asked if he wanted to do me doggie style. We started doing it doggie and I moaned loudly at one point and he asked "Are you cumming? It was an awesome introduction and did not hurt at all. I visited a couple of times in the years following that initial encounter. I was only 13 while at my neighbor's house. She, Mary pushed me onto her parents bed an climbed on top of me. She was completely nude and I had an errection.

She put my penis inside her p and kept rocking back and forth. I was afraid to get her pregnant so I pulled out, just in time. She then sucked the cum out of my hard penis. She immediately went to the bathroom and spit it out.

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Later that day I explained to her that swallowing my cum won't hurt her, and it would make me happier. The next time we went all the way she did dwallow!!! She told me it was a Lil salty but enjoyed making me cum. She then felt like a real woman!!!

Story About My First Fuck (Part 1 from 1) Review(s) 10 | Add review. Author: liketofuck. Category: First_Time_Stories. This is a story about my first time with a women. it starts at my house and where I lived with my grandmother ever since my mother had died 5 years earlier. I was 18 at the time and had been jacking off for quite a while by. Mar 15,   The first time was with a fuck buddy. The third time we hooked up, I told him I wanted him to fuck me. He got so hard and excited he was about to take an anal virgin. It hurt like hell but I kept telling him not to stop. A year later, I met a hot, muscular lawyer. He gave me a meth booty bump and I was begging for his cock. , mom and son first time fuck FREE videos found on XVIDEOS for this search. taboo mom made me cum finally fuck mom real mom and son first time fuck sleeping mom real mom and son sex videos son you cant fuck your mom daughter first time dad bent over mom mom and son first time mother and son breeding.

I was at a bar and a man offered me a drink. But he drugged me. He then took me too his house where there were 2 big black males in his bed.

One was fucking me, one was riding my dick, and the other I was giving a blowjob to. I woke up with one black male on top of me. So then I moved him onto the bed then I fucked him. The the other 2 came in the room and started fucking me. So yeah I liked it.

I was 18 and met a guy on an aol gay chat room in my city the same age. He fucked me and it hurt like hell, he wasn't big or anything really. I was driving home and my nose started bleeding like a stuck pig.

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