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Original Article:

It takes a person years, sometime months, or weeks to plan something.  How easy it is for us to dismiss it.  Sometime it is big.  Other times, it is small. A small community paper “Kent Reporter” recently featured our Magazine.  Seattle is a big city.  “Seattle Times” is the major newspaper.  Kent Reporter is a free newspaper.  According to the web: US Census Bureau Kent population is 128,458.  I feel humbled that “Kent Reporter”  printed the article in their newspaper.  I was so excited.  For me it was a great feeling.  And then, this letter.  We usually assume things without looking into it.  I am writing back and I am sure this will be considered for printing.  (I tried finding the letter on the website but could not.  It is printed on Page 6 in the print edition.)

Kent Reporter

The Letter:
Public Viewpoint
Library promoting a religion

Regarding “Providing a medium of understanding; Sikh man connects community through magazine” (Sept. 21, Kent Reporter). The article states that “his magazine contains news, tips, announcements and other useful information from the Sikh community” and is available through the King County Library System as well as other favorable statements about Sikh activities either directly or by implication.

It isn’t right for the public library system to assist in promoting or support any religion or its culture or fine points, no matter how subtle.  I suspect that if someone approached them about making literature available to the public, say concerning Mormon attitudes and beliefs or say a Catholic organization or any other significant belief system, I believe very likely the library personnel would very quickly decline, concerned that the literature to be of a religious nature.

Sikh is a dominant religion predominantly from the country of India.  While its adherents may be considered of an acceptable nature for our culture, it nevertheless is a major religion in the Indian community as well as the other major religion in that community is Hindu.

I might also state that all males in that religion carry the last name of Singh as the individual in the article had.  Not a big deal, just a side note.

Jim Pemberton


Here is my reply:

I am replying to a letter by Mr. Jim Pemberton (Sept 28th)  Thank you for reading the article and for your time to write the letter.  It takes a person years, sometime months, or weeks to plan something.  How easy it is for us to dismiss it.  It is sad we assume things without looking into it.  The magazine and our website is “connecting communities” and contains Poetry, articles, news, tips, announcements and other useful information.  We try to provide coverage to the best of our ability.  I encourage you to look into the magazine and our website at:  www.indiausamagazine.com

Sarab J. Singh

Why am I writing this article?  I want to seek advice.  I want to seek your help.  What do you think ?  It reminds me of my Journalism class.  Our first lesson was to read an article in the newspaper and write a letter to the Editor. 

Why are Sikhs so silent.  Why don’t we express our opinion?  Whenever I read an article I also like to read the “Letters to the Editor.”  Here is my appeal.  If you like something write about it.  If you don’t like then share your opinion. It will help us know something better.  It will bring us knowledge.  You will gain tremendously.  Will you like to write to the Kent Reporter ?  Please help.  Write to submissions@kentreporter.com

Sarab Singh at Kent Library
Sarab Singh, of the India-USA Magazine, occupies an information table outside the Kent Library.