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Anal Cunt - I'm Gonna Give You AIDS (Lyric video)

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Wearing Out Our Welcome. Hot Girls On The Road.

Anal cunt lyrics

Loudest Stereo. The South Won't Rise Again. You're A Tready Fucking Pussy.

Lyrics to 'Anal Cunt' by G.G. Allin. So you're dead and gone, I'll fuck your anal cunt A lifeless piece of flesh, I'll molest it if I want You're my feast, your soul has gone away But your tight anal cunt is what I'll stick it in today Just another dead fuck, it means nothing to me. ANAL CUNT lyrics - song lyrics from 11 albums, including "Wearing Out Our Welcome" . Anal Cunt song lyrics collection. Browse lyrics and 26 Anal Cunt albums. Lyrics. Popular Song Lyrics. Billboard Hot Upcoming Lyrics. Recently Added. Top Lyrics of Top Lyrics of Top Lyrics of

Jeanine Jizm Is A Freak. Saving Ourselves For Marriage. I'm Not That Kind of Boy.

Anal Trump - The First 100 Songs (Lyric Video, Part 1)

Bonus Track 3. Kyle from Incantation Has a Mustache. Youre In a Coma. Because Youre Old. Youve Got Cancer. Youre a Cop. Windchimes Are Gay.

You Go to Art School. Richard Butler. Being a Cobbler Is Dumb. Your Cousin is George Lynch. You Look Adopted. You Are a Food Critic.

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You Live in Allston. Rich Goyette is Gay.

apologise, but, opinion

The Internet is Gay. Hogging Up the Holocaust. All Our Fans Are Gay. Kyle From Incantation Has a Moustache. You Fill In the Blank. I'm in A.

Your Favorite Band is Supertramp. Locking Dropdead in McDonald's. You Are an Interior Decorator. Caring About Anything Is Gay. Escape The Pina Colada Song. Youre A Fucking Cunt. You're a Fucking Cunt. Youre Old Fuck You. Youre Gay.

album: "I Like It When You Die" ()

Obviously Adopted. Walker, Texas Corpse. The Word Homophobic Is Gay. Cop Calling Faggot. One Man Ghetto. Face It Youre a Metal Band.

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Face It You're a Metal Band. The Word 'Homophobic' Is Gay.

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The Word "Homophobic" Is Gay. Potterys Gay. You Cant Shut Up.

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Youre Dumb. Punching Joe Bonni's Face In.

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You're Old Fuck You. You're Gay. Pottery's Gay.

sense. Willingly accept

You Can't Shut Up. Technologys Gay. Technology's Gay. I Noticed That You're Gay. Bill Scott's Dumb. Howard Wulkan's Bald. Youre a Trendy Fucking Pussy. Howard Wulkans Bald.

Anal Cunt lyrics: 'You Were Too Ugly To Rape, So I Just Beat The Shit Out Of You', 'Shut Up Paul', 'I Fucked Your Wife' etc. I'm In Anal Cunt retarded jibberish You (Fill In The Blank) we're so dumb,we've got nothing new to say we write the same song 30 times a day about how you're a cunt or you're dumb or you're gay but we'll keep writing them anyway [chorus:] you fill in the blank [x4] fill in the blank is dumb fill in the blank is gay fill in the blank's a. ANAL CUNT lyrics - "Wearing Out Our Welcome" EP, including "We Are Anal Cunt", "Caring About Anything Is Gay", "Nothings Offensive Anymore".

Bill Scotts Dumb. I Noticed That Youre Gay. Punching Joe Bonnis Face In. You're Dumb. You're A Trendy Fucking Pussy. Hitler Was A Sensitive Man.

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Body By Auschwitz. Just The Two Of Us. You Rollerblading Faggot. Being Ignorant Is Awesome. Bonus Track.

G.G. Allin - Anal Cunt Lyrics

Hootie And The Blowfish. You Are An Orphan.

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Recycling Is Gay 8. You're A Cop 9. You Can't Shut Up You've Got Cancer We Just Disagree Hungry Hungry Hippos You Are An Interior Decorator Pottery's Gay Rich Goyette Is Gay Branscombe Richmond You Live In Allston Just The Two Of Us You're Gay You Look Adopted Your Cousin Is George Lynch You Have Goals You Drive An Iroc Because You're Old You Sell Cologne Being A Cobbler Is Dumb You Live In A Houseboat Richard Butler Your Kid Is Deformed You Are An Orphan You're Old Fuck You You Go To Art School You're Best Friend Is You You're In A Coma Windchimes Are Gay Reni Auberjonois Internet Is Gay Hootie And The Blowfish Technology's Gay Your Favorite Band Is Supertramp I'm In Anal Cunt You Fill In The Blank Bonus Track 3.

Jack Kevorkian Is Cool first you killed an old person then you went to jail then you killed another when you got out on bail [chorus:] old people suck, kevorkian rules, old people suck, jack kevorkian's cool [x2] you're in jail again because you wouldn't sell out let's get a bulldozer and break him out [chorus] 2. Valujet you fucking jew you wanted to save 50 bucks you were too cheap to fly delta now you're an alligator's lunch [chorus:] find your early graves in the everglades-valujet,valujet over prices you did quibble now the alligators nibble-valujet,valujet hitler should've thought of it now you're alligator shit-valujet,valujet you stupid fucking jew you should'nt have flew-valujet,valujet are you a jew or just fucking gay too cheap to fly delta or t.

You Own A Store hide your dogs, hide your cats-gook,gook you can't drive, your face is flat-gook,gook your eyes aren't straight, it's you i hate-gook,gook you pick rice, we bombed you twice-gook,gook [chorus:] you're a fucking gook [x4] your accent's gay, please go away-gook,gook you look alike, you ride a bike-gook,gook you own a store, i kicked in your door-gook,gook you fucking gook, you make me puke-gook,gook [chorus] 6.

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