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Colon and Rectal Cancer: How much of a problem is it really?

When cancer cells form into benign or malignant tumors in the tissues of the anus, anal cancer has occurred. The anus is the opening at the bottom of your intestines where stool exits the body. Anal cancer is rare, but when it occurs, it may spread to other parts of the body. Some noncancerous forms of anal cancer can also turn cancerous over time. If you have any of the below symptoms and risk factors, talk to your doctor about your concerns. There are various forms of anal cancer, each defined by the type of tumor that develops. A tumor is an abnormal growth in the body.

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I took oxycontin and miralax to combat the constipation it would cause. That worked for me. I can't imagine having gone through that without the oxy. Hi, I am so sorry for the situation you have found yourself in and will pray you get the relief you need. Like others, I too took oxycontin on a regular schedule of every 12 hours and oxycodone in between for break-through pain.

As long as I took a regular stool softner everyday, constipation was not a problem. That being said, there are others who made it through without. I will keep you in my thoughts as you move forward, and please stay in touch as things progress, as no matter where or how our treatment plans differ, it is most helpful to connect with others who have been in your shoes.

That boost created some bad external second degree burns, darkened my whole buttock area, and my anus is in more than ever. I thought I would start to get better but every time I have a bowel mo cement, still all watery, I scream in pain.


Thank you you all for writing and praying. Might try the oxytocin again, using noting now. Or ibuprofen. I remember quite clearly the day I caught sight of my black butt in the mirror. I was devastated. You WILL start to get better. I can only tell you what worked for me - as I am typically constipated I did not want to take the pain meds for fear of making that worse.

I took stool softeners a day and Miralax twice a day, just to keep going. And yes, going was painful.

Other common symptoms of anal cancer, in addition to rectal bleeding, may include: Persistent or recurring anal itching. Persistent or recurring pain in the anal area. Feeling of a lump or mass in the anus. Change in bowel habits (going to the bathroom more or less . Because anal itching can also be a symptom of the cancer, many people initially attribute their bleeding and itching to hemorrhoids. This can delay the diagnosis of anal cancer. Other signs and. Anal cancer red flags According to the South African Cancer Association (Cansa), these are the warning signs and symptoms that something might be amiss 1. Rectal bleeding

I would coat the area with Aquaphor and Aquaphor with lidocaine prescription before going and then just step in the shower and use the sprayer to clean up very carefully. The worst time for me was two weeks after treatment ended and then slowly but surely, I came back to "normal".

They should be able to manage it. If not, then go elsewhere! But you have to stay ahead of the pain because it takes a while for the medication to kick in.

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I am 2 years out from diagnosis and still live with anal pain with BM's. The key is keeping the stool soft.

Anal Cancer Pain

This is a hellish nightmare cancer so take any pain pills the doctors will prescribe. I had the same problem and they gave me two weeks off radiation and then I finished the last week. It still was extremely painful to go to the bathroom for about a month after. I applied Aquaphor after every bowel movement. Do not get constipated.

Anal cancer pain

I had to take stool softeners. You are burnt on the inside as well as the outside. It will get better but until then you will be in pain.

I would get in the shower immediately to clean off instead of wiping. Stay on pain pills. Prayers for you because I know how painful it is. I can empathize. The pain is brutal and mind consuming. Thge worst part is people denying your pain.

Just throws salt on the wound. I was told by my pharnacist that even "really. I really wasn't in a lot of pain prior to treatment, just noticed blood in my stools.

That said, my tumor was staged right on the fence between Stage 1 and 2, so it wasn't as large as yours. I'm glad your treatment is underway and I hope that time passes quickly for you and your outcome is successful. Take good care.

I was diagnosed with Stage 3 anal cancer in January A couple of local lymph nodes were affected. I think the amount of pain prior to treatment depends on the location and time and size of the tumor. My tumor was 3 cm.

Patients with invasive anal cancer present with a wide variety of symptoms, but at the earliest stage of cancer patients often have no symptoms, which means they are not aware in any way that they have a cancer. The most common symptom reported is pain or localized tenderness, which can be present constantly or only with bowel movements or receptive sex.

I remember hip pain and I had to pull myself up off the toilet. I thought it was arthritis and I told my husband I needed a high toilet. I was passing blood clots and mucus. I had an anal exam every year with pap test and my doctor keep telling me it was a hemorrhoid. Thank God I decided to have a colonoscopy. The treatment was brutal but doable. I learned so much from the blogs and it got me through it all.

One day I noticed I didn't have the hip pain and I could stand up without pulling myself up. I must admit my butt gets sore.

I got a standing desk at work and that helped. It's funny because I now tell my husband the treatment wasn't so bad and he says I don't remember how sick I was. Maybe that's a good thing. We all share our pain here.

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Hey ohmy. I sometimes will ask someone, "If you could have a 'Do Over,' would you do it? Before my cancer diagnosis I felt if I took the 'Do Over' it all might come out even worse.

I made excuses, too. I've been on a heavy duty blood thinner for about 10 years.

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I had a heart attack back then. I have 4 cardio stents in the same place because the first two kept clogging up.

Colon and Rectal Cancer: How much of a problem is it really?

The last two stents were put together to make one longer and is doing the trick. I've been in pain management for about five years for severe foot pain. I just thought the bleeding I would have off and on was constipation from the pain meds causing the bleeding.

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And then on top of that, I thought the amount of bleeding was because of the blood thinner. Then I thought I had a heavy duty hemorrhoid.

What finally sent me to the doctor was the pain just got so bad, I couldn't take it anymore. I think I was misdiagnosed a few years back when I was hospitalized for 6 days because of severe rectal bleeding. In the hospital I was assigned a doctor that I have labeled a quack. I didn't get the big jug of prep for the colonoscopy until 9 pm. There was no way I was able to drink it all by midnight! I tried.

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After the procedure the next morning, the doctor said out was nonexclusive! Many 'Do Over' would be to go to a better hospital. I had just moved here and didn't know any better.

I now know for any major problems to NOT go to the local hospital. The treatment is brutal! But, I do feel a bit lucky for having been in pain management before this all hit. I was able to get the proper pain meds. I have a great pain management doctor. He's highly recommended. I do feel for him. He has to be extremely careful because of how much the government keeps track of the meds he prescribes. But, that's a good thing. I've been able to get a fentanyl spray to help me.

I cannot use it daily.

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I'm only allowed so many does in a 15 day period, but I'm not complaining! Hi, sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I too had severe pain and was told by my oncoligst that it was what they called true cancer pain and considered to be the most severe pain a person will ever endure. I was told that there was no reason to be in any pain with all the medications available today.

I am 2 years out from diagnosis and still live with anal pain with BM's. The key is keeping the stool soft. This is a hellish nightmare cancer so take any pain pills the doctors will prescribe. Nov 13,   Important symptoms of anal cancer include: Rectal bleeding. Rectal itching. A lump or mass at the anal opening. Pain or a feeling of fullness in the anal area. Narrowing of stool or other changes in bowel movements. Abnormal discharge from the anus. Swollen lymph nodes in . I was diagnosed with Stage 3 anal cancer in January A couple of local lymph nodes were affected. I think the amount of pain prior to treatment depends on the location and time and size of the tumor.

Peopple only become addicted when they take these powerfull pain meds for things other than true cancer pain. I am 7 months out of treatment and severe bleeding and pain is what finally convinces me to do the colonoscopy. There was an assumption that it was probably hemorrhoids, and I didn't want to do the prep.

The pain finally got to the point where I knew it was necessary. I would lay on the bed trying to watch TV and my butt would throb. I knew that wasn't normal.

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It took about a month of treatment before the pain and the bleeding finally stopped altogether. When I was getting my PIC line inserted, the nurse told me that anal cancer was one of the more painful so she'd heard.

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