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Doctor Who - Bad Wolf - Captain Jack gets a makeover

KAREN Gillan reportedly discovered nude and whimpering outside stranger's hotel room after an all-night party with show's cast. Karen Gillan , who stars as Amy Pond in Doctor Who , was reportedly found naked in a New York hotel corridor after a night of riotous partying. After fulfilling their duties, the cast and crew enjoyed "one long party", according to fellow guests. One permanent male guest told the Daily Mail he heard someone trying to open his door at 7am. The resident, who later identified the stranger as Miss Gillan, said: "I went to the peephole and looked out. I saw a man at the lift who was looking back at someone who was attempting to open my door the next thing I saw was a woman giving this person at my door two towels before getting into the lift and leaving.

The resident, who later identified the stranger as Miss Gillan, said: "I went to the peephole and looked out.

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I saw a man at the lift who was looking back at someone who was attempting to open my door the next thing I saw was a woman giving this person at my door two towels before getting into the lift and leaving.

Security arrived, noticed her room key and wrapped her up and took her back to her suite. The resident added: "I never saw Lady Godiva again.

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Everyone who saw her thought she was completely zonked out. Originally published as Dr Who actress found naked in NY hotel.

Amy Adams is not exactly shy when it comes to taking off her clothes in front of the camera. She's been nude so far in movies like American Hustle, Sunshine Cleaning and Psycho Beach Party (where she looks adorably young and cute). Find everything you need below, my friends. Psycho Beach Party . Nude, breasts, butt, bush Joaquin imagines a party scene where not one, not two, but TEN ladies are frolicking nude amongst the suit clad gents. Pregnant Amy Adams keeps her best bits covered by sitting down, but there's notable full frontal from Liz 4/4. Unlike her boyfriend, Amy was completely naked, her pussy filled with Rory's rather serviceable cock. Standing tall at around nine inches it was the perfect length for her and the ideal length she envisioned for the Doctor's thick shaft, making the fantasy that more believable.

Log in No account? Sign up Log out news. She was kinky and really rather good at it, due to a childhood of vagrant experimentation that Rory liked to pretend didn't happen. Not to mention her 'job' another ct of Amy's life that somewhat unsettled Rory afforded for a multitude of unique and downright dirty sex possibilities.

Exhibitionist & VoyeurAmy and the Doctor Ch. Part 1: Naked in School The teacher said, "Amy, it's your turn to come up to the front of the class and read your report." I reluctantly picked up the report from my desk and slowly walked to the front of the classroom. I nervously raised my report, but when I saw all the eyes of my. Watch Amy Pond Doctor Who porn videos for free, here on Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX movies and clips. No other sex tube is more popular and features more Amy Pond Doctor Who scenes than Pornhub! Browse through our impressive selection of porn videos in HD quality on any device you own. Karen Gillan, who stars as Amy Pond in Doctor Who, was reportedly found naked in a New York hotel corridor after a night of riotous partying. Gillan, 23, who plays the Time Lord's assistant.

The Doctor loved it," Amy argued, leaning back planting her hands on his legs to support herself. Wanting to get swiftly back into the fucking, she rolled her eyes as he started questioning her left right and centre. Despite both of their appetites for sex and fucking one another, Rory had an innate ability to weed fights out when they were having sex. First the bathroom incident, then the anal pandemic at one of her parties and now this.

Looking down at her boyfriend, she playful tapped him on the nose, stifling the giggle that built in her stomach in response to its wobble. Turning immediately serious, Amy began to caress his chest, slowly unbuttoning his shirt as she began to move her hips, dragging Rory right back into the moment, "Can we just get on with it?

Planting his hands on her waist, he slowly followed her as she started to rise upwards, moaning as he felt her pussy pull itself back over his cock. Slowly, but seductively, Amy began to bounce up and down on his cock, lifting her hips until only the tip of his bulbous cock was inside her, before sliding slowly back down.

Her juices coated his condom covered cock in a thin layer, lubing it to a nice shimmer, allowing her to slowly start to speed up, much to Rory's behest, "Oh Amelia Faster".

She had her eyes closed envisioning the thin frame from her fantasy.

Slowly beginning to pick up speed, the room filled with the soft crack of her arse colliding with Rory's legs, his balls playfully and gently slapping against her behind. Those slaps were echoed by softer, wetter ones as her pussy began to almost slam down on his crotch. Amy's pussy was a bright red, her pubic hair practically unshaven. She trimmed certain portions to keep it neat and often used scissors to keep it from becoming bushy.

Where most girls would shave cleanly, she preferred to keep her natural colour, being that it is so seductive and sexy, with redheads being some of the most desirable people around.

She liked her pussy to not disappoint on that delectable front.

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I'm raggedy? Groaning in annoyance, Amy gently slapped his chest, frustrated that she was getting close. Amy had the bountiful attribute that allowed her to cum with ease. Where most girls would spend hours getting fiddled with by guys before they even got close, Amy managed to cum multiple times with Rory.

A fact that stroked Rory's ego as he could then boast that he gives girls multiple orgasms even when it's purely because of Amy's innate sensitivity. The Doctor" she griped, annoyed that he couldn't remember her nickname for her 'imaginary' friend.

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Even after years of roleplay as children and talking about him and Mels being an absolute fanatic, he couldn't even remember her pet name for him. I forgot the whole, Raggedy Man nickname Can I just say how weird this is, imaginary friend and all? It was very weird to take their childhood game to a sexual end, not the mention the fact he was playing as someone who wasn't real in his eyes.

I didn't complain when I did the nurse roleplay, the policewoman roleplay or the naughty nun roleplay," Amy argued, listing the massive list of costumed based roleplays that she had performed, rather well, for him.

If she had a costume, she had worn and fucked him in it.

Dr Who star Karen Gillan reportedly found naked and whimpering in New York hotel corridor

At the time, she acted all over it because she wanted that kinky ct in bed, but in practice, it was sweaty and often uncomfortable to fuck in such cumbersome clothes. Where she was previously kneeling astride Rory, she adjusted her position so that she was on the balls of her feet.

The newfound pose spread her pussy wider and as she drew her hips slowly up and along his shaft before slamming back down, she discovered his cock thrusting deeper inside her.

Through one deep, long thrust, Amy came, her pussy quivering and clenching around Rory's cock. Gasping as her pussy spasmed and clenched around his cock, doubling the sumptuous pleasure he was feeling, Rory gripped at the covers, trying his best not to cum, as Amy no doubt desired more than just one orgasm. That and she hated to see cum go to waste buried in a condom.

Jul 26,   Harry Potter scenes that should NOT have been cut - Deleted Scenes - Duration: Bryan Seeker Recommended for you. May 01,   I love this scene. I really hope the doctor and amy find romance. Although the doctor is shocked to what amy does, I think he does have feelings for . Nude Amy Adams Private Paparazzi Tits and Ass Pics Surfaced. side boob lustful in the bath tub Also in the movie Psycho Beach Party she took her bikini bottom off, only covering her self with her hand. She looks so young as well and still blonde. Of course Amy Adams is not the new lustful thing like other stars.

Gently rising up and down as she rode along her orgasm, Amy felt her body develop a layer of sweat, shimmering with a seductive gleam. Her orgasm finally subsided, letting her catch her breath. Turning to Rory, she smiled before moaning her next order, "Now fuck me, Doctor!

The pair were on Amy's bed, Mels propped up against the headboard, both of them naked and covered in a thin layer of sweat because they had been at it for some time.

It was during High School in which the pair started experimenting, keeping it a tight secret from Rory for fear of the perverse thoughts that would undoubtedly make his brain explode.

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It became quickly apparent that neither of the girls were lesbians, but that didn't curb their desire to play with each other.

They swiftly found a fondness for being together despite hidden incestuous truth behind their naughty sessions. Whilst Amy was confused about why she was saying what she was saying, she wasn't like Rory who would stop entirely to say something.

Her hand snaked up to the black woman's pussy and began to slide her fingers along her soaking wet slit, swiftly finding her clit with an expert deftness.

Her hand tried to push Amy's head back down to her pussy, her body craving that release that she was building towards. Amy's hand had a certain skill, but it wasn't enough to bring her to that climax she had been inching towards for an hour. Completely opposite to Amy, Mels took a while to cum, often enjoying hours of pleasure before her orgasm, much to Amy's annoyance.

Having sex with someone for hours was a rather draining act, resulting in the pair taking 'girl days'. They would ensure they had the house to themselves and spend the day in the buff, pleasuring each other when they felt like it or just playing with themselves whilst the other person read a book or did their homework.

Lazy, sex fuelled days. What Doctor roleplay thing?

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Mels dropped a hand to her own cunt, rubbing her slit and clit whilst Amy tried to feign ignorance to an open secret. Yeah, raggedy man, pound my tight little hole.

BATTLE of the SEXES! EP 16: Amy Rouge vs Sonic?! *VOTE IN THE VIDEO!*

However, Mels couldn't exactly talk. Her own fantasies at home often involved Amy's mysterious Doctor. She'd even debated giving Rory a ride just to picture the Doctor's face, but Amy and she had agreed he was out of bounds for her since they got together. Not that Mels had fucked him before then. Well, not more than once When she was young, she openly shared the secret of her not so imaginary friend, but she didn't exactly want people to know she and her boyfriend roleplayed and fucked each other like that.

Everytime I stay over, it's always Doctor this, lick my pussy that," Mels explained, gently tapping the wall behind her with a smirk on her face.

Annoyed, Amy made a conscious note in her head to remember the thickness of the walls for future reference. And the fact that she should keep it down, considering one of the many traits she and her secret daughter shared. They were screamers. Before she could say something in response, the black woman felt her breath get stolen away by Amy's tongue which dipped down to her clit, gently playing with the incredibly sensitive nub.

Mels' hand returned to Amy's head, holding her in place as she ground her pussy into her best friend's face, enjoying the pleasure that coursed through her body. Her other hand found her breast, which like Amy's were incredibly sensitive. Massaging her tit, she played with her nipple, toying with the tender tip whilst Amy's tongue played with her other one.

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Amy's eyes rolled close as she savoured the taste of her friend's pussy, her tongue leaving her clit and pushing deep into the girl's hole, causing her to gasp. She was rarely so vulgar, whereas Mels was far more forwards when it came to dirty talk. However, before Amy could get properly annoyed, Mels adjusted her position and limberly bent down so that she was face to face with the redheaded girl.

The pair shared a smile before Mels leaned back and purred, "Now come on, lick my filthy cunt". Amy could barely react as Mels forced her head back down to her pussy, burying her lips clumsily, but pleasurably in her pussy. Rubbing against her clit, Amy's nose became an object of Mel's pleasure as she ground the sensitive portion of flesh against it, moaning loudly and lustily.

Amy dr who naked

Lifting her bum off the bed to get Amy's tongue deeper into her, Mel's supported her arse, her hand grasping onto the soft flesh of her cheek and pushing her butt upwards. Amy was taken aback, but quickly started to moan into her pussy, her tongue exploring for more delicious areas of her pussy. One of her hands grabbed her other cheek, supporting her friend's bum whilst the other hand dipped down to her own pale, wet cunt. As she pulled her tongue away from Mels' pussy and let it loose once more on her clit, Amy forced the dark-skinned girl into yet another orgasm, her body shaking for a few second before falling limp back on the bed.

Amy reclined at the end of the bed, spreading her legs and giving Mels a sultry suggestive smile. She returned the favour and leapt to devour her creamy hole. Author's Note: Hope you guys all enjoyed that. I really enjoyed writing it.

Watch Amy Pond porn videos for free, here on Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX movies and clips. No other sex tube is more popular and features more Amy Pond scenes than Pornhub! Browse through our impressive selection of .

It only took an evening to write because I was so into it. Normally I spread It over two days, but this was just really fun and enjoyable to write, so I did it in one.

Reviews and PMs are really appreciated. They keep stories like this alive. Even the smallest review can breathe life into any story.

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Just look at my other stuff. The only reason I keep returning to Harry Potter so regularly is because reviews keep coming in.

So, if you like it let me know! There should be two more chapters, if not then I have failed miserable with my intentions. If not, enjoy them and let me know what you think!

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Till next time! Story Story Writer Forum Community. TV Shows Doctor Who. Doctor Who, but full of Sex! Not much else to say.

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